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Surely, there must be a Wish not realized along

As we all know, the drawer of "Wish" is not Mokona, it's Miku Nekoi. She's most well known for drawing cute little SD (super deformed) characters in Clamp Pirate News and other illustrations. Some people will feel it's so "un-Clamp" because it's not by Mokona. But Nekoi has her unique style--the clean, simplistic and lovely image of "Wish" is very different from Mokona's "fancy" and "elegant" artwork Even Leeza Sei and Tamayo Akiyama have traits of Mokona's style, Nekoi's drawing (both color illustrations and comic) stand by its own.

Well, some people would say that "Wish" is the Clamp/male version of "Ah! My Goddess!" Basically it's about a doctor name "Shuuichirou" saved a little angel "Kohaku" one day, it turns out that the little angel can grant him any wish! However, Shuuichirou claimed that he can't think of a "wish", nor he's interested in wanting anything at all!!! (Wow, a man with absolutely no desire!!!!) The little angel Kohaku decided to stay with him until he will come up a "wish". The little angel can transform into normal human size in the day, and turn back to SD size at night. There're other characters as well, I'll write more about them as soon as I know how to spell their names.....>^^<;

Besides the angel, of course, there're devils!!! They're in SD forms at day and human size at night. The overall story is so nice and lovely (especially with Nekoi's cute and clean drawings!) Although Nanase didn't indicate clearly whether the angels are male or female....(angels are supposed to be sexless, but for some people they look like females, but with flat chest and all....) I guess Clamp leaves an open space for readers to imagine themselves. By the way book design is really great too!

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