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Natsumi's Guest Book!

Here is my little place where I post my ANIME news, my Guesr Book....ect. all the other junks.


Clamp have a talk show on a radio station!~ =^.^= but too bad you can only hear it if you in in Japan. They have Call in section where for comic fans can call them up and ask questions!

Shampoo's News For This Page

FINALLY!! I finally got started the Game page. I call it GAME STATION. I hope you guys like it ~^_^~ Oh yeah, I just got in LOVE WITH the J-Pop singers, they are Kinki Kids, V6, Amuro Namie, Puffy.....etc. If you have any Good news or bad, PLEASE E-mail them all to me, or if you have ANY PICTURES Of them PLEASE DO E-Mail them to me too!! I WOULD BE MORE THEM HAPPY TO GET THEM (Especially ofr Kinki Kids and V6 ~^_^~ *Blushes*)

This picture Clamp in the radio station that I was talking about above.

they are so cute hun!

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